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Some Combinations of Tea Leaves Symbols and their Meaning

Some Combinations of Tea Leaves Symbols and their Meaning
Ace of Diamonds, A Circle.—An engagement.

Ace of Diamonds, A Bush.—A pleasant invitation.

Ace of Clubs, An Obelisk.—The offer of a good promotion.

Ace of Hearts, A Train, A Query.—Indecision about a removal.

Ace of Hearts, An Urn, A Bed.—Illness in the home.

Ace of Spades, Bricks.—An advantageous offer from a large town.

Arm, A Myrtle Tree, Bird on a Perch.—New plans which bring about a meeting with someone who will become all the world to you.

Arum Lily, Bells, A Church.—A wedding.

Arum Lily, A Bat, A Bed, A Widow's Bonnet.—Death of a widow.

Bacon, Pagoda.—You will make your fortune abroad.

Banana, A Peacock, Ace of Hearts, Trees.—A happy marriage to someone of wealth and property in the country.

Bed, An Engine, Laburnum Tree.—A happy visit to the country in the spring.

Besom, Ugly Faces.—You will make many enemies by mischief-making.

Bonnet, A Bouquet.—Marriage late in life.

Bride, A Crescent Moon, A Swallow.—A journey which leads to a romantic love affair.

Bride, Penknife, An Owl.—Jealousy terminates an unhappy engagement.

Cab, A Square, A Cap.—A gloomy outlook brought about by one of the opposite sex.

Camel (Laden), A Small "T," A Coffin.—An unexpected fortune through the death of someone abroad whose name begins with "T."

Chain (Entangled), Onion.—You will be placed in an embarrassing position by the discovery of a secret.

Chinese Lantern, A Pair of Stilts.—Pride brings about a fall.

Clover, Plums, A Bridge.—A new and excellent opportunity will come your way necessitating a journey.

Daffodils, The Sun.—A joyful occurrence in the spring.

Doves, A Book, A Beehive.—You will advance rapidly and become a well-known writer.

Duck, A Vegetable Marrow.—Rash investments.

Eagle (Flying), A Steamer, A Tent, A Large "E."—A position of honour in Egypt.

Ear, A Beehive, A Trumpet.—Fame as a public speaker.

Fate Line, A Sword in Its Sheath, The Sign of Mars, A Chain.—A happy fate awaits you, and marriage to a soldier who will rise to the top of the tree in his profession.

Frog, A Fish, A Ship, A Large "C".—Emigration to Canada.

Goat, A Running Figure, A Lamb.—There need be no doubt as to the successful outcome of your venture.

Grasshoppers, A Sleigh, A Wreath of Asters.—Death of an elderly friend or relative in the winter.

Key, A Flaming Torch.—Some discovery or the development of a patent leads to your becoming famous.

King on His Throne, An Eagle in a Cage, A Mace.— An important public ceremony in which you take a part.

Ladder, Ring, A Man and a Woman.—Marriage will be the means of advancement and good fortune.

Ladder, A Palette.—Attainment to a position of honour as an artist.

Ladder, The Symbol of Mars.—A most fortunate career as a soldier.

Lion, A Lute.—Rising to the top of the tree, as a musician, is assured by these symbols.

Lion, A Man Speaking from a Platform.—Great success in a public career and the attaining to an influential position.

Lion, A Man Beside a Pestle and Mortar.—Excellent prospects and fame as a doctor.

Lizard, A Peaked Cap.—An expected visitor is not to be trusted.

Mace, A Mallet.—Through wisdom and clear judgment you will rise to a position of authority.

Man Carrying a Burden, A Pair of Scissors, A Mushroom.—Quarrels in an unhappy love affair ending in a broken engagement.

Magnet, A Meat Cover.—An unpleasant discovery leads to the abrupt ending of an infatuation.

Nail, A Pair of Pincers.—A visit to the dentist and the removal of a tooth.

Notice-Board, A Leek, An Open Padlock.—In a surprising manner you will get the information for which you are seeking.

Onions, An Otter.—Those in whom you trusted have betrayed your confidence and divulged a secret.

Owl, A Pail.—Loss of income will necessitate your undertaking distasteful work.

Pagoda, A Palm Tree, Water.—A voyage to a warm climate under very happy conditions.

Pestle and Mortar, A Walking Stick.—Illness and the arrival of the doctor.

Pulpit, Opera Glasses.—Those who weary others by undue curiosity will always remain in ignorance.

Query, A Letter, Initial "B," A Grave Stone.—You will be consulted as to the erecting of a headstone on the grave of a relative or friend.

Quill Pen, Lilies of the Valley, An Organ.—Great happiness through marriage.

Rabbit, An Arrow, A Large Letter "L," A Dagger.—News of severe illness and a probable operation for a child who lives in London.

Rhinoceros, An Overcoat, A Steamer, A Large Letter "I.".—The undertaking of a somewhat hazardous enterprise necessitates a voyage to India; through this much will happen which will eventually lead to your becoming famous.

Rocket, A Pear, A Snowdrop.—News of a birth of which you may expect to hear in February.

Rocking Chair, A Pedestrian, A Mushroom.— Deliberation over important matters brings you to the conclusion that a great venture, which may mean enormous gain, is worth a small risk, and success will await you.

Sailor, A Flying Swallow, A Trident, A Ring.—Happy news of good promotion for a sailor and a proposal of marriage.

Scaffold, Leg of Mutton.—Gambling or speculation will bring you to poverty unless you pay heed to this warning.

Shark, A Pistol, A Flying Seagull.—News from abroad of a tragic death.

Snake, A Ram, A Woman, A Widow's Bonnet.—Overwhelming evidence against some widow who is a dangerous enemy.

Sofa, A Sleigh.—A cold in the head or a chill.

Sword, A Ring, A Man, A Woman, A Toad.—Separation of lovers brought about by slander and malicious talk.

Table, A Quill Pen, A Cat, A Ring with Dots Around.—Legal business over money matters which leads to family quarrels.

Throne, An Ostrich Running, A Flying Seagull, A Flag.—Serious news from abroad of disturbances and rebellion.

Tram Lines, A Building with Dots Around It, A Purse.—You will take a roadway journey to a bank and are warned to beware of pickpockets.

Urn, Hospital Nurse, A Man, A Large Heart.—Serious illness affecting the heart is predicted for a man.

Vegetable Marrow, A Steamer, Native with "Tom-Tom," A Broken Pillar.—Distressing news of misfortune for someone dear to you in India.

Violet, A Water Lily, A Robin, A Crescent Moon, A Ring.—A romantic love affair which ends in a happy marriage taking place in the early spring.

Wading Boot, The Sign of Neptune, Several Penguins, A Mast.—News of a disaster in the North Sea.

Widow's Bonnet, A Pig, A Dotted Circle, The Figures "100."—A small legacy of a hundred pounds may be expected from a widow.

Woodpecker, Trees, A Rose, A Man.—A prospective visit to the country in the summer, when you will meet with someone who will become very dear to you.

Yew Tree, An Open Padlock, A Wallflower, A Pineapple.—A new plan of life is made necessary as the result of an unexpected inheritance of much wealth.

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