Friday, December 5, 2008

Reading & Learning the tea leaves meaning

Reading & Learning the Tea Leaves Meaning

It is a mystery.

It is a spiritual thing, and many people believe that the aura of a person remains in the cup for a while, after the drinker has finished.
To start, one must use tea leaves, not the curse of human kind, the abominable tea bag. Don’t use a tea strainer. One spoonful per person, and one for the pot is fine. After brewing for 3 or 4
minutes, the tea is stirred 3 times in a clockwise direction. Always use teacups, not mugs.

The tea is poured, and served. If using milk, put a small amount in the cup first. After the pouring, surface bubbles can indicate money.

A floating tea leaf means a letter is coming. A floating twig means a visitor, a small twig a child, a larger twig an adult. If the twig is soft when bitten, it is a female, if the twig is hard, it is a male visitor.

The gypsy people who originated the art of reading lea leaves, believed that if one thought kindly about the person while they are drinking the tea, a better reading would be had.
Just before finishing the tea, one should swirl the teacup gently 3 times anti-clockwise, then drain the cup.

This is what the tea leaves meaning is :

*Leaves close to the handle indicate an event close to home

*Leaves to the right of the handle indicate events in the future

*Leaves to the left indicate something from the past.

*Leaves at the bottom of the cup mean events in the distant future.

*Dark leaves mean men and boys, and dark haired persons.

*Light colored leaves indicate women and girls

*Long hard tea leaf stalks mean a male

*Thin shorter stalks symbolise women

*Erect stalks mean friends, crossed stalks mean enemies.

*Groups of dots are an omen of money

*Small single dot means a present

*Squares mean peace and happiness

*Oblongs mean quarrels

*Large unbroken circles indicate a promise of happiness

*Snakelike lines mean good fortune

*Letters of the alphabet mean an initial of a name, a place, or maybe a month

*Straight lines mean a new enterprise

*Numbers can mean a day of a week or month, as well as a number of people or events.

You stare into the teacup for a few minutes. After a while you will easily be able to make shapes from the leaves, and the more you do it, the better you will be at it. You can look at the leaves from any angle. The tea leaves will form shapes which resemble real life things and objects.
By practicing the art of tea leaf reading, you will see a perceptible increase in your clairvoyancy powers.Once people know you can read tea leaves meaning, you will be very popular at parties. Apart from all that, reading the tea leaves with your friends is a heck of a lot of fun!


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