Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to Interpret Fruit Pictures in Tea Leaves

How to Interpret Fruit Pictures in Tea Leaves Meaning

Step 1:
Place loose tea leaves in the bottom of a white or light colored teacup and then pour hot water over it and allow it to steep. Avoid using tea bags or a tea strainer as it will limit the reading.
Step 2:
Clear your mind as you drink the tea, allowing your thoughts to drift. If a particular event or person keeps coming to mind, focus more closely on this and the reading will center around it. If no one thing comes to mind, allow your mind to wander and prepare for a more general reading.
Step 3:
Leave a small amount of tea in the bottom of the cup. Hold the cup in your non-dominant hand and swirl the liquid clockwise three times in the bottom of the cup and then turn the cup over into a saucer. When you are ready, turn the cup back over and begin focusing on the patterns made by the tea leaves.
Step 4:
Start at the handle of the cup or in the twelve o'clock position and work clockwise and downward in a spiral from the rim to the bottom of the cup. The rim refers to the present, the middle depth refers to the near future, and the bottom center of the cup refers to the more distant future and the "outcome" of the reading.
Step 5:
Write down or draw any images, symbols, designs or pictures you see in the leaves as well as their location. If a pattern brings to mind a specific memory, event, or has some meaning or connection to your daily life, interpret this as the meaning of that particular symbol. Pay attention to the symbols and patterns around this picture to form deeper connections and gain more insight.
Step 6:
Interpret more complicated pictures and symbols by meditating on them, looking to the images around them, or by looking them up in tasseomancy symbol lexicons. Check more than one source to find the meaning that fits your reading the best. Trust your intuition as tea leaf reading relies on subconscious pattern recognition.
Step 7:
Read fruit pictures based on the meaning it might have in your own life. If you get stuck, common meanings for fruit include prosperity and fertility. If this still doesn't seem to fit, move on to the next symbol and come back to it at the end of the reading to help to put it in perspective. The tea leaves meaning.


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