Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tea Leaves Meaning

Tea Leaves Meaning

The divination of tea leaves meaning has been a subject of interest for centuries. Many people are interested in learning how to read and symbolize tea leaves, for both fun and as a tool for using the knowledge of the collective consciousness (named by psychologist Carl Jung) to tap into their future possibilities. This article briefly discusses the tea leaves meanings and how to read tea leaves. It also points you in the direction of where to find further information on the subject.

If you are interested in learning how to read tea leaves meaning so that you can give free tea leaf readings to family and friends, you will want to check out some of the many fabulous books available on the subject for some in-depth information and techniques. But this article will give you a few tips to start on your very own search for tea leaves reading symbols.

The art of divination through tea leaves is a ritualistic one. The ritual encourages you to relax and clear your thoughts so that you can enjoy your cup of tea and focus on a question for which you want an answer. Loose leaf teas with larger leaves are particularly suitable. Chinese teas are often preferred. The person who is the subject of reading may be asked to first stir the dry tea leaves, to increase their contact with them like the shuffling of tarot cards, before spooning a measure of the tea into a heated pot or directly into a white china cup. Boiling water is added to the tea and the subject stirs the tea in the cup or pot while still inwardly focused on their unique question. If the tea is in a corningware teapot, the subject should swirl the contents before pouring the tea into a plain white cup.
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